How Miley Cyrus got me blogging

If it wasn’t for Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA a couple of days ago, and if today, by some bizarre coincidence, I hadn’t followed a link, which linked to a link, that led to a link, which landed on some mention of this event, I’m pretty sure I’d never start blogging.

I’ve just never felt this drive to let my ego spread its wings and shit in all its glory for the whole world to see. But now I do and it doesn’t feel half as bad as it sounds. So thank you Miley!

The mention of Miley’s performance that I found got me intrigued as it contained a word that I haven’t seen before and since I like learning new things, I decided to get to the bottom of this. This strange new word is twerk. I did some research and learned that it stands for: “The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience.” (Thank you Urban dictionary for constantly broadening my horizons!)

Twerk Diplo video
Twerking done right by Diplo, give this a try, it’s insanely hard to do!

What struck me as odd, was the part of the description that reads: “lower fleshy extremities”. Has Miley gained weight recently, or how comes she can twerk?

Well, you can imagine that now I had to see Miley twerking with my own eyes. I searched and I saw and watched the whole thing closely. I can guarantee you that there was no twerking going on since Miley is still as skinny as she ever was. I was disappointed and checked out some real twerking and I tell you it can be both funny and arousing if done right!

As for Miley’s performance; let me put it this way: I am not a moralist and don’t go around preaching good old christian values to the masses. You can stick a plug up your ass and go on a stage and if there is at least something valuable in this act, say if music is good, if you are a great dancer, if there is a good story behind your act, if the butt plug compliments your costume or if the atmosphere the butt plug creates is unique and special, I will find this value and point it out.

There actually is a music group who likes performing with something similar to butt plugs up their asses, you should check them out, they are Let 3 and the plugs in their asses have a lot of hidden meaning, or you could say they have the obvious meaning: to keep the shit from coming out, which would be a good suggestion for Miley too.

To see some serious butt action, skip to 2:52 in the video.

I see I got slightly distracted here and forgot my point, which was, that search as hard as I could, I didn’t find any value in Miley’s performance, but I’m sure it got her a lot of hype, hell it got me blogging, didn’t it?

Well, it’s 3 AM in some parts of the world and some people have to get up at 6 to start their honest jobs and earn their daily bread and games. Not me, I care about my mental and physical health and don’t do bread or games, but I’m sure there are those who do.

So goodnight and a lot of games to all.



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