Moral values are as strong as ever

I just love hearing about how the moral fabric of our society is decaying and how clean and starched it used to be in the good old days.

What this common moralist gibberish really tells me, is that our knowledge of history has some big holes in it, or that maybe our historic memory is very selective.

Say you asked a hetaera in ancient Greece how the men of the time got their rocks off. Would she say that they got all ecstatic while admiring the intriguing Corinthian columns? She would tell you they attended symposiums to enjoy drinking games while scanning the room for a slave, a boy, or a hetaera to have some proper drunken fun with.

What about the happy folks of the Roman Empire? Was there nothing more elevating to them than taking a sightseeing tour of Rome to marvel at its temples? I would think a trip to a local amphitheater to watch the gladiators combat each other or animals filled them with much more adrenalin.

These are just two of the most obvious examples, I could go on all across the planet and time to come up with more or less grotesque ways in which people have gotten and are getting all hard and wet, but knowing how we tend to scan web content, you’ll probably prefer to have a look at the gallery below.

Over the last millennia, the triggers of thrill and excitement in human masses have remained the same. They always were and will arguably remain on the dark side of the emotional spectrum.

We just cannot get enough of violent sex, murders, and bestiality.

The only difference is that in the old times, before the emergence of the mass media, people had to be a bit more involved in the process of having a good time, they had to kill or get killed, they had to stone, crucify, fuck or torture another human being to have fun or to entertain their fellows.

Later came the books and the literate folks could get themselves a copy of Marquis de Sade and give the dark corners of their imagination a proper feast. I will make it easier for you and not urge you to read anything about or by de Sade. Instead, I am giving you a reading of The Murderous Passions chapter from his book 120 Days of Sodom. By following the link, you are stating that you are at least 18 years old.

Today we can jerk off to our darkest and most hidden desires in complete privacy by accessing them on our electronic device of choice and the greatest thing is that no one needs to know about it so we can still go around preaching about the decline of morals in society.

“I get an itch to run off beyond the Sarmatians and the frozen sea,every time those men who pretend to be old-time paragons of virtue and live an orgy, dare to spout something about morals.” – Juvenal;  Satire II: Hypocrites are Intolerable

Let me finish by paraphrasing Jesus: may the one who uses PornTube to watch Christian educational videos throw the first stone.

Further reading and sources:

Full recording of de Sade’s 120 days of Sodom

Roman Gladiators

Greek Symposiums

Juvenal’s Satires



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