Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake?

You’re shaking your head? Wow, you are a truly remarkable, one of a kind person, please share your wisdom.

What did you say? You weren’t shaking your head, it was just an involuntary twitch?

Oh, ok, then I have another question for you:

Have you ever majorly screwed up aka made a big, biiig, biiiiiiiig mistake?

No, you say? Well, good for you, you lucky bastard! Come on, brag to us!

I knew it, you have, haven’t you?

Right, but have you made such a big mistake that you ended up wasting years or even decades of your life as a result?

No, never that big?

Great work! You’re passing your life with flying colors! Would you let me in on your secret?

Oh, no, you have?!

Well, how would you like me to tell you a secret? A secret that only a few lucky folks know and one that will show you how to pull yourself together and shine bright like a diamond that you are?

You honestly thought I knew of such a secret? Does this blog look like it belongs to a person whose life is all sparkly and bright? I would say not!
So it would seem that you and I are in the same boat and maybe the ones who left earlier to write their secrets will be able to help?

I’ll keep a close watch on what they tell us and post it here.

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to share your mistakes with the rest and maybe also teach us something. If you dare, respond below.

(This post was made in a response to a writing challenge from Daily Post.)



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